Dialysis Unit
03 Haziran 2022

Hemodialysis Unit;

For programmed dialysis patients in our Hemodialysis Unit, located on the B1 Floor of our hospital, serving with 22+1 spare devices and bed capacity; There is a dialysis room, an isolation room, a separate room and device for HbsAg (+) patients, a separate device for HCV (+) patients, and a Peritoneal dialysis room. There is also a waiting and resting area for the patient and their relatives, and a dressing room for male/female patients.
With rooms and cabinets, patient toilets, bedside LCD screen television, patients are provided with treatment services in a comfortable and peaceful environment. The transportation of our patients to our unit is done by dialysis patient transport vehicles. 2 Nephrology Specialists, 2 Peritoneal Dialysis Nurses, 6 Hemodialysis Nurses in our Hemodialysis Unit, With 4 Dialysis Technicians, 1 Secretary and Assistant staff, Dietician, Psychologist and Social Worker working in our hospital serve our patients. Our patients who are hospitalized in our hospital clinics and who have dialysis treatment indications receive service in our unit after being evaluated by a Specialist Nephrology Physician. Dialysis treatments of patients hospitalized in Intensive Care Units are carried out in Intensive Care Units. In addition, guest patients who apply to our unit are also served.