03 Haziran 2022

Chemotherapy Unit;

Cancer is a group of malignant diseases that occur as a result of uncontrolled proliferation and growth of cells that have been changed by some effects, both locally and at distant points.
Cancer is an increasingly important health and life problem.
As the cause of death, it comes right after cardiovascular diseases.
The most common cancers in our country are lung, prostate, large intestine, rectum, stomach and pancreas in men; cancers of the breast, lung, large intestine, rectum, cervix, ovary, stomach and pancreas in women.
Chemotherapy means treating the tumor with medication. It is a very important part of tumor treatment along with surgery and radiation therapy. With chemotherapy, tumor cells are killed or the growth of the tumor is tried to be stopped. Sometimes a single, sometimes several drugs are administered in various ways.
The branch of science dealing with chemotherapy is called MEDICAL ONCOLOGY or MEDICAL ONCOLOGY, and the doctor working in this field is called MEDICAL ONCOLOGIST. Medical oncology is a separate specialty; A medical oncologist is an internal medicine specialist who specializes in tumor treatment.

Oncology Service provided in our hospital

Outpatient Clinic and Chemotherapy Unit,

Our patients who want to benefit from our polyclinic should apply to the Medical Oncology Polyclinic with a daily appointment.
Our patients are with them when they come,
They are required to bring their Pathology and Surgery Reports, Epicrisis, films (X-ray, Tomography, MR, Scintigraphy, etc.) and old files, if any. In our outpatient service unit, there is a Daytime Chemotherapy Unit, where newly admitted patients are seen and consultation services are carried out, outpatient clinics and outpatient chemotherapy applications are made. Our Medical Oncology Polyclinic and Chemotherapy Unit provides service with 1 physician and 2 nurses. There are 10 chemotherapy chairs in our unit.
Our patients who applied to our outpatient clinic;
It is evaluated and examined by the physician, the oncology file is opened, and then the appropriate treatment is planned.
Patients and their relatives;
He informs about the condition of the disease and the treatment, our nurses give information about the administration of chemotherapy, then outpatient treatment is applied. There are 3 chemotherapy rooms in our hospital. Our 1st room has 7 seats, our 2nd room has 6 seats, our 3rd hall has 13 seats and 2 single-seat treatment rooms with a total of 28 seats.