Radiation oncology and medical oncology
03 Haziran 2022

Radiation oncology and medical oncology

Medical Oncology
Chemotherapy unit

Radiation oncology

İn the Radiation Oncology Department of our hospital ;                                                                             

3 Doctors who specialize in radiation oncology
1 medical physicist
3 IGRT technicians and SRS made of high power Electa Versa HD hexagonal table and VMAT kV SBCT.
In our oncology unit, a multidisciplinary study is conducted with surgical oncologists and medical oncologists.
* All oncology treatments are performed in our hospital                                                                             

Oncology Council

Although cancer is the second leading cause of death in our country, it is a treatable disease if detected at an early stage. There is no case in simple and ordinary cancer treatment. Therefore, its diagnosis and treatment must be approached with a multidisciplinary approach. The objective of the interdisciplinary study, which we will also call interdisciplinary; It is to provide the most appropriate and advanced treatment for cancer patients. For the treatment of disease the second opinion and scientific opinions of many doctors from different branches are taken. The “Oncology Board” set up in our hospital is offered to our patients as a tool to enable them to reach the correct diagnosis and effective treatment