Administrative and Financial Services Manager
02 Haziran 2022

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Administrative and Financial Services Manager  Assistant


1974 - Eski Cuma was born in Bulgaria and completed his primary and secondary education in Bulgaria. In 1989, he was subjected to forced migration as a result of Bulgarian persecution and immigrated to Turkey with his family. He graduated from Kırklareli 60th Year Health Vocational High School in 1993 with the title of Health Officer ( Community Health ) . He completed his Associate Degree Education at Eskişehir Anadolu University Health Technician and his Undergraduate Education at Atatürk University Faculty of Health Sciences. He worked as a Health Officer in Tekirdağ Malkara Ballı Village Health Center between 1993-1994, in Tekirdağ Muratlı District Health Clinic No. 1 between 1995-2000, and in Muratlı District Health Group Presidency between 2001-2003. By taking part in the construction, installation and opening stages of Muratlı State Hospital, he worked as the Hospital Manager at Muratlı State Hospital between 2004-2014, the Health Care Services Manager at the same hospital between 2014-2017, and the Administrative and Financial Services Manager of Tekirdağ State Hospital between 2017-2020, Tekirdag Dr. He took part in the construction and establishment stages of İsmail Fehmi Cumalıoğlu City Hospital and is still working with Dr. He works as the Administrative and Financial Services Manager at İsmail Fehmi Cumalıoğlu City Hospital. He is married and has a child.