Pregnant School

Pregnant School

The aim of our school for pregnant women:

Our Pregnancy School prepares expectant mothers for the emotional, social, and physical aspects of the antenatal, during the delivery and postpartum process consciously. It also aims for expectant mothers to enjoy a comfortable pregnancy, lead to a healthy birth, and for mothers and fathers to adopt new roles.

Childbirth is the most beautiful experience a woman can go through in her life. Exercises are of great importance for pregnant women to deliver consciously, comfortably, and happily deliver their babies and to enjoy the good health of their babies. As a result of these exercises, expectant mothers and fathers prepare for the antenatal, during the delivery, and the postpartum period.

We support pregnant women with exercises by Massages, breathing exercises, relaxation exercises, prenatal exercises, positions to be used during childbirth with support for normal childbirth, and awareness of the partner about the necessary support during pregnancy and childbirth.

In the postpartum period, we support the mother to adapt to the postpartum period more easily and to successfully breastfeed her baby. We also attach importance to the bonding between mother, father, and child in our rooms.

The pregnant school for our hospital is located in ground floor. You can get information from the Pregnancy Information chapter in the comprehensive obstetrics and gynecology clinics complex. Our training is free of charge.