Vision & Our Mission & Our Value

Our Mission
We are a pioneering hospital that provides reliable health services at International Standards, ensures the continuity of this service, is innovative and constantly improves itself.

Our Vision
To be the reference hospital that provides the highest quality health service in the Thrace Region by following the highest level practices reached by medicine in the international arena, adopting team consciousness with our expert staff equipped with the knowledge and skills required by modern medical science.

Our Values

We Focus on People: We strive to understand the needs of our patients and their relatives, taking into account the entire process, and to offer a service quality that goes beyond their expectations.
We Believe in Quality Management Systems: We believe in the importance of our quality policy, the implementation of Healthcare Service Quality Standards, and continuous improvement in line with our changing conditions and needs.
The Safety of Our Employees and Patients is Our Basic Priority: Ensuring the safety of our patients, their relatives and employees is our top priority. We do not want anyone to be harmed due to preventable mistakes and we comply with the requirements.
We Respect Our Patients' Rights: We recognize the importance of open communication and understanding their cultural, physical and psychological needs. We protect the rights of our patients and their relatives without any discrimination.
We Believe in the Power of Teamwork and Focus on Each Other: We believe in the power of effective and constructive teamwork in an environment of trust in order to achieve our common goals.
We are sensitive to the society and the environment: We try to offer them the best service in the field of health in order to increase their quality of life. We take great care not to harm the environment and natural resources in our activities.